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About Persist


Founded in 2015 by two millennials native to Queens NY, Persist is a Media Production Company that is the Tone of the 5 Boroughs of NYC. Through an array of authentic documentaries, digital storytelling and content based on the comparisons of lifestyles and cultures amongst the world's most dense city, the purpose of our brand is to connect individuals from a variety of world-demographics to learn from each other. We started our movement as an attempt to create educational experiences that viewers enjoy. Our diverse content subjects and first person viewpoints have continued to grow an organic community that's reputation is built off of:


  1. Having a middle grounded and unbiased scope thats narrative is driven by the interviewee.

  2. Fostering creativity in educational and journalistic information distribution.


Currently, our journalistic  focus is on New York City’s 5 boroughs - Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island. Our Topics include but are not limited to: the pros and cons of nyc and urban living, world cultures, environments and transportation, societies and affiliations, political views, social norms, food cultures, gender and sex norms, global sports and art cultures, music scenes, modern tech, urban economics, nightlife and more. 

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