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The Social Topic Project - #1

Conservative & Liberal


On a consistent basis, we survey a variety of demographics of people on an important social topic. Throughout the month, we update the responses that we have gathered. The purpose of these discussions are not intended to cause controversies or to be offensive, but to simply provide an organized way of looking at different perspectives and interactively learning from one another. 


Prompt: In your own words, when you hear the titles "conservative" and "liberal", what comes to your mind? Give some examples of your viewpoint. In other words, "What makes a conservative a conservative? What makes a liberal a liberal ?" Responses should be between 1-4 sentences. How can two people of these opposite views progress together for a better society? All responses will be posted as anonymous.


If you would like to participate in the following project, you may take the survey at the following link: If we feel that your response is both positive and informative, we will post it below. 




1. "In my opinion, a conservative is generally somebody thats social and political ideologies sticks to the original plans mapped out by the "forefathers" of the  americas.  A  Liberal is its polar opposite, that challenges the political and social system in place, but generally makes us more government dependent and financially unstable. Lose lose in my opinion."  -22, NYC, Independent


2. "I view a conservative as being a closed minded individual with a set standard of what is appropriate and what is not. I view a liberal as an individual that is more open minded to ideas and more accepting to change."  -24, Far Rockaway, Queens, Independent





3. "The terms "conservative" and "liberal" are categorical nomenclature. Generally, a conservative is thought to have more old fashioned and reserved ideals, while a liberal typically has a more dynamic and flexible mindset. People with two different viewpoints may find that they have many common thoughts and emotions, through empathetic and open-minded conversation."  - 22 , Queens, NY, Independent


4. "Conservative- someone who disagrees with more radical behavior. Religious, maybe republican, and more focused on rules that benefit themselves more than the greater good. Liberal- someone who is very open to change. Lenient, flexible. Maybe someone who agrees with modern ideals."  - 21, Colleyville, TX , Independent 


5. "In my eyes, conservatives are more traditional. I think of Catholics when I think of conservatives- pro life, anti gay, etc. I do feel like they are more economically aware, where as liberals are more socially aware (going green, accepting of sexuality, etc)."  - 23, Sheboygan, WI , Conservative


6. "Liberals believe in government action to achieve equal opportunity and equality for all.Conservatives believe in personal responsibility, limited government and traditional American values" - 24, NYC, Liberal 


7. "When I think of liberal I think of people who have a viewpoint on both sides of an argument who listens to the both sides and takes them as they come. When I think about a conservative I think about someone who isn't really worried about politics and things it doesn't directly affect their lives" - 22, Jamaica, NY, Independent


8. "A conservative is someone who puts puts the bible in front of their country. They quote scripture and believe more in the 2nd ammendment then the 1st. They are pro life when something is in the womb but then when they are born they dont care about the welfare of children if it costs them their tax money. A liberal is an idealist who puts human lives and decency in front of money but can be overbearing or extreme on their end as well"  - 23, Queens, Liberal


9. "Just a seperation of political ideas. Not really into all the politics, because they never follow through with their campaign ideas." - 25, NYC, Conservative


10. "Good and bad"  - 21, Villa Hills, KY, Conservative


11. "A conservative is more religious type of person and more rigorous in their beliefs. A liberal is someone who is more open minded about things in the world..Don't really associate with one political party I agree and disagree with policies of both" - 23, NYC, Independent


12.  "Greed, the veil of pure freedom and old habits make the conservative conservative. A liberal is born out of idealism and optimism, praying for a utopian society that cannot exist when the nation is divided into two camps." - 20, Queens, NY. , Liberal 


13. "The first thing that comes to mind is politics and economics. Example: Conservatives want services to be privatized they are also more rigid whereas Liberals want those same services to be free they are also more compassionate. People should always consider varying views taking the best views for implementation."           - 58, Chicago, IL. , Other


14. "When I hear conservative I think of anti-global warming, minimal government interference, and capitalism. I picture old white men. When I hear liberal, I think of all those who want revolutions in all aspects of life but who may be too extreme in what they want, such as too much welfare, too much government interference in terms of helping people. I picture younger leftist people.  What makes a conservative a conservative in my opinion is that they want to conserve the way things are taking place already in government or in a nation and what makes a liberal a liberal is wanting social and other forms of change and not sticking to the "same old ways" -23, Jamaica Queens, Independent/Green party


15. "The idea of conservatives to me means individuals who believe in the systems of power that are entrenched in tradition and history. If you think about the founding history of our country and who wrote the documents that we use to govern us today and who had a seat at the tables that created these governing bodies, there are certain people (women, people of color, etc.) and viewpoints that didn't have a chair at that table. So a liberal is someone who believes in those shifts of power and that in a country that has become a melting pot like ours, we have believe that the traditional views of power should be contested and the faces and values at the table of power should look and sound different than they did 250 years ago."                      - 22/ Queens, NY/ Liberal


16. "When I hear conservative, I think of the government assisting in issues. When I hear liberal, I think of an individual taking care of issues by themselves. In order for both mind sets to work, it takes the understanding of what both views see on whatever the issue may be." - 20, Brooklyn,NYC, Other


17.  "Depending on what sector (fiscally/politically/socially etc.. the two differ) but for the sake of the question Conservative - tending to the right, wanting less government intervention liberal - tending to the left, more government intervention" -23, Queens,NY, Liberal


18. "Conservatives have traditional values and are skeptical about change, especially when it comes to social issues. They favor capitalism and are usually thick headed and against change. Liberals are more modern with regards to social views and believe change is not only inevitable, but neccesary. Liberals believe that humans have a moral obligation to help those in the most need." - 29, Queens, NY, Other


19. "Conservatives are typically Republicans whereas liberals are typically democrats. Conservatives typically like to stick to the core values of America compared to liberals, who are usually looking to make changes, for the greater good of the American people. Conservativeso tend to be close-minded when it comes to the radical changes that have taken place in today's society in contrast to the way America used to be."                                 -26, Bronx.NY, Liberal


20. "I side with the liberals because of their stance on social issues including race, poverty, and sexuality.'              - 23, New Jersey, Liberal


21. "When I think of a conservative, I think of someone who goes by the constitution but almost too much into the constitution where they can't adapt to the times. I think most conservatives are living in the past and don't care for change in today's society. On the other hand, when I hear liberal, I think of those who are more open to change and promote freedom for all however sometimes I feel that most liberals get ahead of themselves and somewhat come off as arrogant. Not that they're bad or in any way worse than a conservative, just lacking in some areas. I think conservatives and liberals both need what each other has." - 23, NYC, Other


22. "Someone who is a conservative likes things to be traditional and strict whereas a liberal is more about changing things freely." -23, Queens,NY, Liberal


23. "When I think of a conservative I think of people who are afraid of change, who value guns rights, who are wealthy and majority white. When I think of liberal I think of people who welcome change, welcome equality but who sometimes don't understand that spoon feeding all of the less fortunate is not always a good thing.'  -22, Chicago, IL, Other


24. "Conservatives falsely believe that there is equal opportunity for all ppl and all ppl start with the same advantages. Liberals understand that without governmental involvement to set laws, many ppl of unpriviledged backgrounds would not get equal opportunities." - 44, Queens, NY, Liberal


25."Political Nonsense" - 31, NY, Other


26. "I believe that Conservatives have the tendency to do anything to better themselves even if that action may negatively effect others. To be a Liberal means that one's actions work out for the better of themselves AND others. If liberals and conservatives worked together I think that new heights would be achieved."                           - 28, Queens, Ny, Liberal 


27. "I am independent. I make choice according to the bigger outcome, not leaning toward one or another."

- 24, NYC, Independent


28. "I'm more for the people. Democracy" -24, Orlando, FL, Liberal


29. "When I think of the word conservative I think of someone tight lipped and wall street dressed. More than that, I think of someone by the book. Wanting to stick to the Constitution as instated by our Founding Father's. Liberals, I feel like more easily are willing to bend/change the laws of the Constitution to make them more "relaxed" or to go along with changing societal norms. I think these two groups can work together if labels were first off done away with so that people could see the issues that need to stay true to the Constitution and the others that need to be modified (example: slavery). Labels cause division. We all need to know the Constitution and understand the TRUE reason why America fought for freedom from the British... what was the underlying reason? for the PEOPLE to have a say in government... to PROTECT freedoms and liberties... for every man and woman to be equal as we were created in the image of God." - 24, NYC, Independent


30. "There is no clear definition of either for me. As parties they are pretty much the same. My political views can be conservative in some areas and incredibly liberal in others. That comes with truly understanding the political process and your needs, not faith in a party." - 40, Brooklyn, NY, Independent


31. "To me, a conservative is not really open to change, and a liberal is not too firm in their beliefs."                    -25, Queens, NY, Independent


32. "When I hear conservative, I think of the government assisting in issues. When I hear liberal, I think of an individual taking care of issues by themselves. In order for both mind sets to work, it takes the understanding of what both views see on whatever the issue may be." -20, Brooklyn, NY, Other


33. "The word conservative brings to mind traditional views and behaviors. The word liberal brings to mind progressive thinking. An idea of collectiveness." - 35, New York, Independent 


34. "I think of opposing view points. I think of inflexible ideas and well intentioned people who let their opinions get in the way of facts." -31, Brooklyn, NY, Liberal


35. "Liberal more accepting.Conservatives are strict and by the rules" -42, Lithonia, GA, Liberal 


36. "Conservative...for big business, money hungry, not very diverse. Liberal...more relaxed in views, accepting of others and kinder. Opposites attract, ying/ definitely if open to each for the betterment of life...we could make a positive difference." -42, Roanoke, VA, Liberal 


37. "Conservative: fiscal anal, social issues are irrelevant. Liberal: more leneant on economics. Social; care about human necessities. Be utilitarian about decisions. What decision results in the highest utility of happiness.

-23, Chicago, IL, Independent 


38. "For me, the words conservative and liberal evoke frustration in that I believe the bipartisan system is the least effective way to accurately represent the needs of the public. In my mind, conservatives prefer less governmental interference in the market place and are much more socially closed-minded. Liberals prefer a much more active government and support more socially progressive policies." -23, Milwaukee, WI, Independent


39. "Well in the literal sense, conservative is someone who doesnt take risks and is close minded. The benefits of conservative politics are for people in business being conservative politics favor corporations, such as certain tax breaks. Liberals on the other hand represent a more society conscious school of politics and more open to change. Liberals are percieved as weak being they don't always back their own ideas and switch viewpoint easier." - 23, Forest Hills, NY, Other


40."Conservative is someone who is often afraid of change and rather more than not, sticks to their normal ideals. Liberal means being open to more equality and togetherness." -21, Brooklyn, NY, Liberal


41. "Conservatives are traditional, steadfast, want to preserve the status quo and Liberals are the way of the future" -22, Milwaukee,WI, Liberal





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