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New York State of Mind

Most likely by now you’ve heard of the Big Apple, New York City. And if you know anything about New York City, you know that it is broken up into 5 main neighborhoods or boroughs. These 5 boroughs of New York are Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, and The Bronx.

Each of these 5 boroughs of NYC have special characteristics that make them cultural centers for a mixture of backgrounds. And while many of them come with stereotypes known far and wide, we at Persist Print Media Production take a deeper look into each borough to give you the true story of the people, the culture, the food, the music, and everything else that makes these boroughs home to so many.

So, here is a small glimpse into the lifestyle of each borough:


Brooklyn culture is highlighted by its vibrant street art and heavily Carribean, Hasidic Jewish, Italian, and Russian neighborhoods. Besides being the most populous of New York’s boroughs, Brooklyn news has recently revolved around the gentrification of its neighborhoods. Containing some of the most underserved and violent neighborhoods in NYC, Brooklyn has been in the news for policing issues, as well as debate over New Brooklyn vs. Old Brooklyn. Despite these stereotypes, however, Brooklyn remains a center of creativity within New York City.


Moving from the most populous borough to the largest by area, Queens is often referred to as the melting pot of NYC. Queens culture could be generalized as a mixture of urban and suburban lifestyles. It exemplifies a slower pace than some of the other boroughs of NYC.

Home to the US Open for tennis and the Mets baseball team, Queens is a largely middle class area of the city. But, while much of the residents of Queens are from middle class backgrounds it is also home to the largest public housing complex in the country, Queensbridge Houses. All of these factors lead to Queens being an interesting borough with a culture of its own.


When you think of New York City or see it in the movies, you’re often getting a glimpse of Manhattan. Known for having many of NYC’s tourist centers, Manhattan is the most densely populated borough of NYC. From Times Square to Madison Square Garden, Manhattan has the most world famous attractions of any borough and draws millions of tourists each year. Those who spend their days on Wall Street mix with those making their way to Central Park for sweet relief from the city life. Neighborhoods such as Harlem and Washington Heights bring strong African American and Dominican American roots to this borough. It makes for some of the most interesting interactions of the 5 boroughs and is certainly a culture of its own. Manhattan news ranges across the board, so keep up with this blog to discover the hidden gems of Manhattan.

Staten Island

Often referred to as “the forgotten borough”, Staten Island is the only borough not attached to the mainland. This center of Italian and European cultures is often highlighted by the Staten Island Ferry and for the drastically different North Shore and South Shore areas.

This borough is currently battling the opioid epidemic more than any other borough, leading to negative press. But, despite having negative connotations, Staten Island is well-known for its marine biology discoveries and strong fishing communities.

The Bronx

Home to the New York Yankees and the Bronx Zoo, this borough is the only of the 5 boroughs of New York that is actually attached to mainland New York. The Bronx is known for being the most impoverished and violent of the boroughs with an active gang scene and extreme poverty. These issues were highlighted in “The Bronx is Burning”.

But, despite these negative stereotypes, the Bronx is also the founding place of Hip Hop and Salsa music. Known for producing some of the world’s largest hip-hop and salsa artists, the Bronx’s music scene is one of a kind.

While this is a tiny glimpse into the culture of each of the 5 boroughs of New York, there is so much more that makes each area unique. Keep up with Persist Print’s boroughs blog to get a bigger and more comprehensive picture of the lives of residents of each of these 5 boroughs.


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